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After YEARS of tireless effort, Charlotte finally has her new office in the train car located on the highway in front of Crane Point.

This has been no easy feat. The car once stood on Knight’s Key and served at the gift shop for Pigeon Key. It was moved to the Crane Point property in 2018 ahd Charlotte has tirelessly been renovating and updating ever since.

While there were a few setbacks (Hurricane Irma and COVID-19 being the biggest) she got the job done. Since September of 2019 Charlotte has called this her new home and has been working away to make Crane Point a fabulous destination for tourists and locals alike.

While the office is not open to the public (Thank you COVID) you are more than welcome to admire this landmark from the street. Come by and check out the transformation and learn more about Henry Flagler and the fabulous Florida Keys.